Turnkey Solutions

Turnkey iGaming solutions offer the highest revenue share percentage earnings with minimal monthly royalty fees paid out to turnkey solution providers. This type of iGaming partnership arrangement also delivers the highest level of control to operators over their iGaming businesses.

Impressive gaming platforms branded and customized per the client's requirements, these state-of-the-art gaming platforms provide supreme functionality with opportunities to add new functions. Valuable tools, resources, and guidance are also provided to the iGaming website operators by the turnkey solution providers.

Pair these iGaming platforms with a custom-built or custom bespoke iGaming website created by iGaming Builders, and that's a winning combination. Turnkey solution providers usually offer a large degree of flexibility and assistance with regards to creating front-end websites. Our elite web design and development team works in partnership with the turnkey solution providers, to ensure we always deliver optimal website solutions to our clients. Web building tools, resources, and guidance specific to their iGaming platform integrations are provided to our team by the turnkey solution providers.

Turnkey iGaming website operators have the option to offer their own affiliate marketing partner programs to promote their iGaming operations. Top-quality websites and pages dedicated to the affiliate marketing program are built by our company, as well as a wide range of high-impact marketing and advertising creatives.

iGaming website operators utilizing a turnkey solution must supply their own payment processing systems, pay out all winning players and bettors, administer bonus and loyalty programs, supply player support services, obtain relevant iGaming licenses, set-up bank accounts, and all other steps required by the turnkey solution providers.

Turnkey Solutions Highlights

  • Highest level of control over iGaming business venture
  • Largest revenue share percentage earnings
  • Customizable feature-packed online gaming platforms
  • Powerful 3rd party plugins and iGaming API integrations
iGaming Turnkey Solutions